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Saldira Saldanha

Fragmentos Sussurrantes

“Fragmentos Sussurrantes” is a captivating poetry collection by Saldira Saldanha that reaches into the depths of human experience, exploring themes of duality, resilience, and self-discovery. Each poem paints a vivid picture, inviting readers on a journey through the intricate dance of joy and sorrow, love and loss.

Through powerful illustrations and lyrical language, Saldanha’s poems explore the inner conflicts and profound introspection of the human soul. The collection navigates the turbulent seas of human emotion, from the serene melodies of contentment to the tumultuous storms of inner turmoil.

With each turn of the page, readers are drawn deeper into the labyrinth of the mind, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur and the true essence of the human spirit is revealed. The poems in Fragmentos Sussurrantes are a symphony of the human journey, each a fragment of the larger mosaic of life.

Title: Fragmentos Sussurrantes
Author: Saldira Saldanha
Language: Portuguese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9798892140720
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9798892140737
EBOOK ISBN: 9798892140744


Emoções: 33 Poemas

Portuguese poet Saldira Saldanha introduces her literary debut, “Emoções: 33 Poemas”, a compilation of verses delving into themes of love, yearning, grief, and self-discovery—universal concepts resonating with all. Through her evocative and lyrical language, Saldanha navigates the intricate passages of the soul, unraveling the aspirations, anxieties, and dreams embedded within humanity. Her poetry, a fusion of beauty and anguish, echoes with sincerity and potency. Emoções: 33 Poemas stands as a remarkable and enthralling creation heralding the emergence of a promising talent in Portuguese literature. It promises to stir emotions and provoke introspection among its readers. For those seeking enriching and profound literary experiences, Saldira Saldanha’s poetry collection is an outstanding choice, showcasing her as a poet of significance and hinting at more to come.

Title: Emoções: 33 Poemas
Author: Saldira Saldanha
Language: Portuguese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145382
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145429
EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145634

Mundo: 33 Poemas

The sophomore effort from Portuguese poet Saldira Saldanha presents a collection of poems delving into contemporary and timeless subjects such as climate change, social disparity, and the pursuit of justice. Through her poetic narrative, “Mundo: 33 Poemas”, Saldanha leads us on a voyage through the trials and ambiguities of the modern era, offering her insights and profound emotions. Seamlessly blending poetic beauty with poignant social commentary, she crafts a compelling opus. Her verses, imbued with sincerity and passion, possess the ability to resonate deeply with readers, touching both hearts and minds alike. This volume signifies the poet’s evolution and maturation, as she tackles more intricate and universal themes while retaining her inherent authenticity. Mundo: 33 Poemas stands as an essential work for those seeking a profoundly enriching and emotionally resonant literary experience, connecting with the aspirations and anxieties of our contemporary world. Saldira Saldanha emerges as a poet deserving of close attention, promising even greater contributions in the future.

Title: Mundo: 33 Poemas
Author: Saldira Saldanha
Language: Portuguese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145702
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145672
EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145689

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