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Fragmentos Sussurrantes

Saldira Saldanha’s compelling poetry book “Fragmentos Sussurrantes” delves deeply into the human experience by examining themes of duality, resiliency, and self-discovery. Every poem creates a striking image and takes the reader on a journey through the complex dance of love and loss, joy and grief.

Saldanha explores the inner tensions and deep contemplation of the human spirit in her poetry, which are written in poetic language with striking images. From the calm melodies of satisfaction to the catastrophic storms of inner torment, the collection navigates the stormy waters of human emotion.

The fundamental nature of the human soul is exposed as readers are drawn farther and deeper into the mind’s maze, where the lines between truth and fantasy blur. Each poem in Fragmentos Sussurrantes is a piece of the greater mosaic of life, a symphony of the human journey.

Title: Fragmentos Sussurrantes
Author: Saldira Saldanha
Language: Portuguese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9798892140720
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9798892140737
EBOOK ISBN: 9798892140744

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